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2021-12-12 04:20:06

The future of the Eurasian Economic Union, strong economy and our Eurasian response to the Western aggression and other issues were discussed at the summit of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The countries of the association are not only focused on their own issues and solving the problems of the pandemic. Western countries are already trying to "enter" through our partners in the EAEU in order to incite them against Belarus. And, of course, the West cannot tolerate that our allies are expressing their maximum support to us in this situation. In the opinion of our President, the United States and the collective West will continue to look for reasons to put pressure, as they did with the migration crisis and the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border.

2021-12-11 06:31:05

The most pressing issues of Eurasian integration were discussed today by the leaders of the EAEU countries. The meeting of the Eurasian Economic Council was held online. The main message is solidarity on many political points. The President of Belarus pointed out that the pressure from the U.S. and the EU wont be limited to our country. There are already alarming signals from other members of the EAEU.

2021-12-10 09:40:09

The real purpose of the West is the methodical destruction of the rivals, and one should be together to resist the pressure. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the online summit of the EAEU.

The Belarusian leader informed his counterparts about the steps the country is taking to solve the refugee crisis. Some Western countries have already tried to ask a number of members of the Eurasian Union for assistance and to influence Belarus. Warsaw, Brussels and Washington are silent on the root causes of the migration crisis. The West intends to strangle the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in order to turn them against Belarus.

2021-12-09 18:50:23

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus announced retaliatory measures in response to the sanctions imposed by the European Union. A corresponding decree will be signed in the coming days. Response measures will take effect across several areas, in both economy and politics. The government has decided to ban the import into the country of a number of goods originating from states applying illegitimate anti-Belarusian sanctions.

2021-12-09 18:50:22

Since January 1, in response to sanctions, Belarus has introduced a food embargo on a number of goods. The import ban will affect a number of products from the European Union, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland and some other countries. The government calls this measure forced, while emphasizing that the buyer will not feel a shortage of any goods on store shelves.

2021-12-09 01:50:02

The Belarusian economy is working efficiently in spite of the sanctions. On December 8, MPs supported changes to the law on investment, and it will create additional conditions to protect the rights and interests of investors. Another important issue on the agenda is security. A bill on internal troops of the Interior Ministry was passed in the Oval Hall, they passed. Their tasks were expanded, now they will also be engaged in the protection of the state border.

2021-12-08 09:10:30

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry commented on the Wests plans to disrupt the election of Belarus as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. The Ministry spokesman Anatoly Glaz recalled that our country has been the only candidate of the Eastern European regional group since 2007 and explained that, as a rule, other members of the group do not put up competitive candidates in order not to disrupt the election campaign, yet spoiler candidates may be put forward by Western countries.

2021-12-08 08:30:56

An agreement that changed the course of history and the lives of hundreds of millions of people. The document that ended the existence of the Soviet Union was signed in Viskuli on this day 30 years ago.

It marked the beginning of the Commonwealth of Independent States. It became the line, which helped the countries to maintain ties and reach a new level of integration. The President of Belarus, the Chairman of the CIS Council of Heads of State Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated the leaders of the Commonwealth and the Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev on the 30th anniversary of the organization.